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Efectul de panning

April 19th, 2011

Ce este efectul de panning?

Se numeste “panning” atunci cand  toata fotografia in afara de subiect pare “miscata” si esti sigur ca subiectul se afla in miscare.

panning effect

De ce efect de panning?

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php explode by multiple delimiters

April 19th, 2011

You need to explode a string by multiple delimiters?

You need to use  the preg_split function. Preg_split is a function  similar to explode.

Explode splits a string by a string, Preg_split splits a string  by a regular expression.


You have a text and you need to explode it by  two strings,  “with” and “and”. Read more…

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Efect de panning

April 17th, 2011